Photo gallery

Photos of installations.  These items are not for sale, however, if you see something that interests you, contact me and I will try to find a similar item for you on a future trip.


A solemn sentinel in the corner of this garden, a rare "bald" Ganesha with his trunk pointing to the right adds an auspicious element to an otherwise empty spot. 
Hand carved stone.

Dewi Sri, the pre-Hindu goddess of rice and fertility,  pours a continuous flow of water into a small pool with fish.
  Hand carved limestone.   


Dewi Sri, the pre-Hindu goddess of rice and fertility,  sitting among a summer bloom of Hydrangea.  Hand carved stone

A summer display of Zinnias in a hand carved lava stone pot add an exotic touch to this garden in 
Santa Rosa, CA.

A new arrival to my garden in 
Santa Rosa. 
 A Balinese "Spirit House" carved out of sandstone in its new setting, shaded by Brahea 'Clara'.

 Black lava Ganesha
 on traditional Balinese style sandstone and clay brick pedestal at night.

 A "Greenstone" Buddha greets visitors with peace and tranquility.


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