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Buddha in Santa Rosa - summer 2011

Gayatri Garden Designs (pronounced Guy-uh-tree) was inspired by many visits to Bali, Indonesia, the island of the Gods.  It's hard to visit Bali and not want to bring a piece of it home with you. During my first visit in the spring of 2001, I discovered Batubalan, a village near Ubud, where hand carved stone statues of Buddha, Ganesha, QuanYin, Rama and Sita line the streets. To me, the stone carvings carry the energy of the people, culture, and Spirit of Bali, so when I look out into my garden in Santa Rosa, California, I feel the same peace that I felt while I was on the island. They have transformed my downtown neighborhood backyard into a secret meditation garden that feels a world away from where I actually am.

Please enjoy my photo gallery and online inventory, and feel free to e-mail me using the contact form on this page if you have any questions or special requests for pieces you may want for me to import for you.

Om Swastiastu,

William Abel

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