Many Buddhas to choose from

Gayatri Garden Accents has many Buddhas to choose from. 
This hand carved lava stone Buddha exhibits
 the Bhumisparsa Mudra, which represents "calling the earth to witness the truth",
 and is believed to be Buddha's hand gesture at the time when he attained enlightenment 
under the Bodhi tree.

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Balinese Spirit House

In Bali, it is common to see a spirit house on the property of homes and businesses throughout the island. They are believed to protect against mystical disturbances and stand as a guardian against such forces. Flowers, incense, and other offerings are placed on them to neutralize any negative energy. They are made in a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes, and are carved in stone
 or cast in concrete. 
If you would like one for your home and garden, contact Gayatri Garden Accents and visit our warehouse in the town of Fulton, CA, just north of Santa Rosa. 

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Looking for Buddha, Searching for Ganesh?

 Looking for Buddha?

...or searching for Ganesh?

I have a nice selection of both in my Gayatri Garden Accents warehouse 
located on Fulton Road in the town of Fulton, CA. 

Open by appointment only. 
phone: 707-799-6909