Yogi Ganesha

When yogi Ganesha practices hatha yoga, sometimes he needs to use his trunk to help him balance,
as he is demonstrating here in the elbow stand, pincha mayurasana. 

Stone pots in northern California landscapes

Gaining popularity in northern California landscapes are natural stone pots.
 These limestone pots, that will be arriving soon to Gayatri Garden Accents in Santa Rosa, have a ruggedly natural appearance, and can be used for planting
 or to make an interesting water feature.

Coming to Santa Rosa, California in May, 2014.

Arriving soon to northern California: one giant cargo container full of statues from Bali.

Estimated date of arrival : April 29th, 2014
Destination: northern California
Deliveries coming soon to : Santa Rosa, San Jose, Los Angeles, and Kansas City.

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