Reclining Buddha #132

Start planning your summer garden now, and leave some space for a solid stone reclining Buddha!
On sale now for $624.99

Stone Buddha Raffle

Being raffled off now at the Center for Spiritual Living Santa Rosa, is this high quality stone Buddha carving from Bali. This is a one of a kind piece, which has also been sanded after it was carved, making it very smooth to the touch. This is a quality not often found in Balinese stone carvings. It is made of dense lava rock, and is appropriate for indoors or out. You will have to go to Bali to find anything like it...or, of course, you can come and see the rest of my inventory of Balinese Buddhas right here in the Santa Rosa area (-;

Raffle tickets are $1 each, and are available through Stepping Stones Books and Gifts for a limited time. Come and see it on display in the social hall at CSLSR. 

Item #70

Painted Flower Buddha #114

Hand carved lava stone with hand painted flower decoration make this Buddha a work of art. You won't need many flowers in your garden for this piece to stand out. Come and see this piece as well as many other Buddhas at the Gayatri Garden Accents warehouse north of Santa Rosa, CA, in the town of Fulton.

Item #114

Stone fish #117

Need a new fish for your back yard pond? How about an easy care carved stone fish that you will never even need to feed. You can even insert a plastic tube to come out of its mouth to make it into a charming little water feature. Add a little fun to your garden.

Item #117

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#17 Meditating Buddha

 Om Gate Gate Paragate Parasamgate Bodhi Satva

Item #17

You might also enjoy our new stone fish for your garden.

Decorative Teak Garden Bench #118

This sturdy decorative teak garden bench can be placed within the garden or on the patio for a comfortable spot to sit and take a break from your busy day. It was made in Sanur, Bali out of reclaimed teak wood, and has beautiful wood grain patterns throughout. It measures 2' x 4' at the base. There are currently 2 in stock.

Item #118

Reclining Ganesha #100

What better way to enjoy the lazy days of summer than reclining with Ganesha
 in your own backyard?

Ganesha #100

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Guanyin #105

Guanyin, also known around the world by names such as Quan Yin, or Kwan Yin, is the Bodhisattva who hears the cries and suffering of the world. She is the highly regarded Goddess of compassion in east Asian Buddhism, and particular in Chinese Buddhism. At Gayatri Garden Accents, this statue of Guanyin is a high quality carving made of lava stone, holding mala beads in one hand, and pouring holy water in the other; a classic depiction of this Goddess.
                                                                                                                                                             Item #105

Lichen covered Buddha #159

Gayatri Garden Accents carries a nice selection of statuary with an aged
appearance. This meditating lichen covered Buddha,
 which is 30" in height and carved in a rose colored lava stone,
 began to grow lichen as it weathered
 in the warm, tropical Balinese climate, waiting for a new home.
On many other statues in our stock, you will see moss, 
which will return to life when our Sonoma County rainy season returns.

 Buddha #159

Standing Buddha #69

Statues of Buddha in a standing position are less commonly seen
 than He is in the seated, cross legged, lotus position.
 Here, standing Buddha is demonstrating the Vitarka Mudra, with the thumb and index finger of his right hand touching, which represents the transmission of energy and teaching.
 This is a high quality carving made from dense lava rock and imported from Bali. 

Standing Buddha #69

Shaolin Buddha #102

Commonly found as a cast concrete garden ornament,
this high quality and rare hand carved Shaolin Buddha
is made out of solid black lava rock.
 He sits 23" tall and will be a striking addition to the garden.
 Patches of moss will return to life following winter rain. 

Shaolin Buddha #102

Many Buddhas to choose from

Gayatri Garden Accents has many Buddhas to choose from. 
This hand carved lava stone Buddha exhibits
 the Bhumisparsa Mudra, which represents "calling the earth to witness the truth",
 and is believed to be Buddha's hand gesture at the time when he attained enlightenment 
under the Bodhi tree.

To view more Buddhas, click here

Balinese Spirit House

In Bali, it is common to see a spirit house on the property of homes and businesses throughout the island. They are believed to protect against mystical disturbances and stand as a guardian against such forces. Flowers, incense, and other offerings are placed on them to neutralize any negative energy. They are made in a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes, and are carved in stone
 or cast in concrete. 
If you would like one for your home and garden, contact Gayatri Garden Accents and visit our warehouse in the town of Fulton, CA, just north of Santa Rosa. 

Item #28

Looking for Buddha, Searching for Ganesh?

 Looking for Buddha?

...or searching for Ganesh?

I have a nice selection of both in my Gayatri Garden Accents warehouse 
located on Fulton Road in the town of Fulton, CA. 

Open by appointment only. 
phone: 707-799-6909

Wooden Buddhas for an indoor space

Beautifully hand carved and painted wooden Buddhas...
 to bring peace to an indoor space in your home or office.

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Any Day Now

With Buddha, there is no rushing through life, everything happens at the right time and place, and all expectations and attachments must be relinquished. So, with this in mind, it makes perfect sense that a cargo container full of Buddha statues that was originally scheduled to arrive on April 1st, was delayed in Hong Kong, spent 3 weeks going through U.S. Customs, and now on May 21st, is scheduled to arrive in Santa Rosa, "any day now", according to the customs broker...

When you are carved out of thousand year old stone, what's the hurry?

Stone pots

Stone pots for cats; just the right size and shape.
Of course, you can also use them to plant flowers in; just remove the cat first.

Yogi Ganesha

When yogi Ganesha practices hatha yoga, sometimes he needs to use his trunk to help him balance,
as he is demonstrating here in the elbow stand, pincha mayurasana. 

Stone pots in northern California landscapes

Gaining popularity in northern California landscapes are natural stone pots.
 These limestone pots, that will be arriving soon to Gayatri Garden Accents in Santa Rosa, have a ruggedly natural appearance, and can be used for planting
 or to make an interesting water feature.

Coming to Santa Rosa, California in May, 2014.

Arriving soon to northern California: one giant cargo container full of statues from Bali.

Estimated date of arrival : April 29th, 2014
Destination: northern California
Deliveries coming soon to : Santa Rosa, San Jose, Los Angeles, and Kansas City.

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Who is Ganesha Anyway

Terracotta Buddha

Who is Ganesha?

Ganesha first appeared in Hindu literature sometime around the 4th to 5th century. He is an easily recognizable deity, whose most notable role is being the remover of obstacles, but he also places obstacles in the path of those needing to be checked. He is also associated with intelligence, wisdom, prosperity, protection, and learning.

There are several stories as to why Ganesha has an elephant head. My favorite version is the one that tells of him guarding the door to where his mother, Parvati, was resting. His father, Shiva, who had been away since before Ganesha was born, returned one day to see his wife. Not knowing who Ganesha was when he saw him standing guard at the doorway, he pulled out a sword and cut off his (human) head when Ganesha tried to stop him from entering the home. When Shiva went inside to see his wife, she exclaimed to him, "Did you see your son Ganesha on your way in?"

Shiva was horrified at what he'd done, so before his wife noticed his mistake, he told his army to go out and find the first head they could, and bring it back so it could be attached onto Ganesha's body. Taking Shiva's words literally, the first creature they found was an elephant.  They cut off its head, brought it back to Shiva, stitched it on, and wha lah, everything is fixed.

I don't know what Parvati's reaction was, but I can't imagine she didn't notice...

You can see more images of Ganesha here

Terra Cotta Buddha and Ganesha

Arriving soon to my collection of Balinese statuary in Santa Rosa, CA, a new discovery: Terra Cotta Buddha and Ganesha.

While driving through Denpasar on my way to Tanah Lot, a shop filled with terra cotta figures caught my eye as I rode past. Not having time to pull over, I quickly made note of the location of this shop so I could visit later.

On the way back from the temple, I located the shop and stopped in to take a closer look. I found some treasures here for sure. Terra cotta Buddhas and Ganeshas that I had not seen anywhere else in Bali. I ended up spending over an hour choosing pieces to ship back home.

Expected arrival time: Late March.